This blog has moved

Dear followers,

This blog has moved, and it also has got a new name. I now call it CathB, and you can find it if you click here. You will find quotes, spiritual guidance, inspiration and much more there. I hope to see you there. 

You can also connect with me on my Facebook.


Cath B :)

A New Blog – Be inspired with Cath B

Dear lovelies,

I have a brand new self hosted blog, which you can find here.

There you will find quotes, tarot readings, spiritual guidance and much more.

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I Have A New Self-Hosted Blog

Dear Followers,

I have created a new blog, and therefore I will no longer update Inner Soul Guidance. The reason for this is because I wanted a self-hosted (wordpress) blog with more control, and no ads. Also I decided to use my own name as well. It’s short and a little bit easier to remember. 

My new blog contains inspirational quotes, spiritual guidance, tarot readings, photography and much more. I hope you will stop by and check it out –

This blog will still be here, but unfortunately no more updates.

Cath B.

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Be Yourself Even If Others Don’t Approve

Originally posted on Inner Soul Guidance:

Does it feel like everything is falling apart?

Have you realized that the life you are living is just a lie?

Does it serve your passion or purpose?

Are you happy?

Perhaps you have taking on a role that is not you.

You do things just to please others.

You say things just to make them happy.

You feel like people do not really see you as who you truly are.

Understand that you need to be true to yourself

as well as to others.

They may not like it.

They may not agree.

Do you need their approval?

Do you want to be like them?

Embrace who you are.

Tell the truth.

You may lose some.

But you may gain some instead.

People who believe in you.

People who do not judge you.

People who do not see you as a failure.

People who love you for YOU.


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